Entry #7

Yays! MY Flash survived! O_o

2008-09-07 12:15:44 by lol1337a

Woke up this morning and my lovely flash, Chikonz warz I submitted last night survived! WOOT! Yays!

My epic tale of teh CHIKONZ can now be enjoyed by teh masses! :3

And most importantly now, when I give my reviews people can't pull the "oh you can't talk missy because you don't animate yourself" line.

Well SEEEEEEEE! I do. :P

I even drew a CHIKON's asss! :)

Lol1337 is teh happy. :)

Anyways teh Chikonz still attack! O_o

This first video shows how teh chikonz have infiltrated government! O_O


Listen closely:

/* */
This next video shows how their influence has spread to other countries...Even in teh music...
This band is called "Bump of Chicken" A scary story about a savage dog that reigns havoc (probably due to chikonz brainwashing I thinkz. :P)

/* */
This next video is just horrible! It shows what happens when teh Chikonz use biological warfare to subdue people! NOOOOOO! If you look carefully enough you can see a gleeful rooster doing a victory dance over and over again as people writhe in agony. This video is entitled M.I.A. Bird Flu "Chicken Noodle Flu Remix" WARNING VERY GRAPHIC!

/* */
Well there may be some hope fer us yet! :D As there are people willing to fight Teh chikonz-even with their bare fists!! One such fellow: Peter Griffin

/* */

Yays! Kevin Bacon's Flash survived! O_o