Yays! MY Flash survived! O_o

2008-09-07 12:15:44 by lol1337a

Woke up this morning and my lovely flash, Chikonz warz I submitted last night survived! WOOT! Yays!

My epic tale of teh CHIKONZ can now be enjoyed by teh masses! :3

And most importantly now, when I give my reviews people can't pull the "oh you can't talk missy because you don't animate yourself" line.

Well SEEEEEEEE! I do. :P

I even drew a CHIKON's asss! :)

Lol1337 is teh happy. :)

Anyways teh Chikonz still attack! O_o

This first video shows how teh chikonz have infiltrated government! O_O


Listen closely:

/* */
This next video shows how their influence has spread to other countries...Even in teh music...
This band is called "Bump of Chicken" A scary story about a savage dog that reigns havoc (probably due to chikonz brainwashing I thinkz. :P)

/* */
This next video is just horrible! It shows what happens when teh Chikonz use biological warfare to subdue people! NOOOOOO! If you look carefully enough you can see a gleeful rooster doing a victory dance over and over again as people writhe in agony. This video is entitled M.I.A. Bird Flu "Chicken Noodle Flu Remix" WARNING VERY GRAPHIC!

/* */
Well there may be some hope fer us yet! :D As there are people willing to fight Teh chikonz-even with their bare fists!! One such fellow: Peter Griffin

/* */

Yays! Kevin Bacon's Flash survived! O_o

Don't Die!!!

2008-08-27 11:31:18 by lol1337a

I wrote a crappy poem for teh kk...

Here it is:

"Kitty Krew Poem

Kitties are fuzzy.

Kitties they purr.

Kitties say meow.

And are cushy.

Leave a dish of milk at the doorstep and...

And they happily come back.

with whiskers and poop to clean up.

They always come back.

Be ever so patient for they always come back.



Oh no!

I just checked the KK board...And I saw that it had been shut down...O_O;

PLEASE don't die Kitty KREW!

We depend on you to irritate...
We depend on you to help chase away...
Looks like video game parodies and Mario and Sonic will finally take over utterly...(moo)
without you kk..

First it was the Star Syndicate and now it's the KK...


Well let us hope those stray KK members still keep up the fight.

In the meantime we're up to our noses here in....


Too depressed to lookup chikon videos so here's a pic for now... :\<p>%u2248%u2248%u2248</p>

Don't Die!!!

Cluck! Cluck!

2008-07-21 12:01:26 by lol1337a


Whistle UNGARBAGED! Squee! (cause I'm such a Goooood girl! ^_~)


By the way, I recently Garbaged my whistle trying to flag abusive reviews on a hilarous cartoon. It being Metal Gear Funnies. So now I have a marvelous garbage whistle to display. And I checked the profiles of a lot of the people who were foaming at the mouth tearing this movie down and lo and behold - their whistles had remained untouched. Clean as a whistle one might say. :P

Basically it appears that once a cartoon gets on the board, some invisible flag is assigned to it either protecting abusive reviews or not. So whoever flags a protected abusive review as abusive will get their whistle garbaged very quickly.

Conversely if another cartoon's reviewers are flagged as "unprotected" and they rant just a bit and have their reviews flagged as abusive - they will immediately be set upon and by the mods and the bots.

Soo these fine and dandy "review protection flags" are assigned by the admins based on their opinions and bias, hence making the whole reviewing system rather flawed and skewed as cartoons with less bad reviews tend to appear more popular and continue to get higher scores.

Anyways I'm just conjecturing here and extrapolating a bit and yes I may be even talking out of my ass...Oh well..

Broken whistles look rather neat though... :)

Monday July 21,

Darn those crappy chikonz! >_<

I lie here clutching my bluish minigun as I hear the scratching of chikonzfeets outside my shoe's perimeter.

The ebil clucking still emanates from outside. Bessie is okay - I installed the minigun turret on her side. She took out a few half an hour ago. I'll go and bring her more ammo when I go and milk her.

I hope the recoil from her turret firing doesn't turn the milk sour.

That would suck. :P

(Psst more chikonz stuff! ^_^)

This first video shows what will happen if teh chikonz win! O_O

/* */
This second one shows two girls brainwashed by teh enemy!

/* */
Chikonz Hell awaits! @_@ ( Buckethead :P)

/* */
Teh enemy DANCES! (warning graphic)

/* */
And finally Teh clownz come to help again...This time to wipe out teh annoying piggiez. (Not chikon related but barnyard humor nonetheless. ^^)

/* */

Newgrounds is lost

2008-06-15 03:31:30 by lol1337a

(BTW I am not the artist of the banner, but a friend did it for me as a gift and wishes to remain anonymous right now. Bug me if you want his DA account addy. :P)
Well it looks like Newgrounds is lost. The spammers have finally taken over with their video game parodies and Mario sprite cartoons. Alas the site can only go downhill from now. :( Inferior cartoons get the prime spots in the top 50 and original cartoons are relegated to obscurity.

Thank you fanboys. Thank you so much. >_<;

Attacking the culprits is pointless as their numbers are immense and they seem to be aided by the Admins - out of all people. -_-;

For all who go after them: Go after them if it makes you feel any better. A cathartic victory is something I suppose.

The Star Syndicate tried going after them and fought a good fight and others attack them even now.
But alas just a drop in the bucket. :(

As for the site - it's a garbage heap.

The site is lost...

Oh well let's move along now to:


Chickens dance...Cluck cluck cluck..

/* */
Darn chikon supporters. Enrique and Ana! They worship teh enemy! :P

/* */
Ah yes! Reinforcements! Bring in teh Clownz!

/* */

Kevin Bacon's everyday life....

2008-04-24 04:26:12 by lol1337a

This is what my life is like outside of NewGrounds....:(

Of course I have fun chasing them first!!! ^_~

/* */
Here's some footage of some guy who tried to visit me for tea..... He didn't quite make it :(

/* */

Woot- Stop Teh REAL Spam

2008-02-26 11:58:52 by lol1337a

The following suck ass:

Mario cartoons
Pokemon cartoons
Stuff that show hate/racist stuff
Naruto (gawd such a bad series doesn't even compare to DBZ)

Any cartoon that relies on sprites for graphics...Okay for N00bs but please work on your art skills and work on your art. Your art will never get better if you rely on something that someone else drew i.e. Sprites.

BTW I've seen some hiliarious Mario Parodies like "It's a Me, Mario!" that are actually very funny. So please take the time to actually watch cartoons before you blam.


Its all so clear to me now folx. Please stop spam...I don't mean things by Kitty Crew or Clock Crew, Socom Crew, Lucky Stars, ect ect....Nope....Stuff by the likes of Alvin Earthworm! Yes! Mario = SPAM!

Yes *sigh*...So many talented artists with original content are being disregarded and being pushed back to obscurity (insert teeny violin music here) due to the bulk fabrication of Mario or Video game cartoons. Here let me quote a review of SMBZ6 by some fellow - f0d - I think he articulates it rather well:

i enjoyed this episode a lot more than the other ones, which bored me to tears, but i still think this series is nothing more than unoriginal videogame and anime references. the fight scene was flashy and you showed you have pretty good skills in flash, and i can definitely see why the flash is so popular. i just wish you'd put your talents to better use on a flash series using your own drawings and storyline, which i'm sure you're very capable of doing. i know its tempting to take to easy way out and gain popularity by leeching off the popularity of others, but try being a little more creative and making something thats worthwhile outside of newgrounds... kinda like the super flash bros did with their "another day" series. i'm sure you'll find that coming up with a concept thats all your own is a very rewarding experience.

and i know you aren't used to criticism but don't just dismiss this. it isnt criticism from a bunch of losers. the people who most dislike this series are fellow flash artists, those who actually draw their own artwork and create their own animation. what your flashes (and sprite flashes in general) have done is simultaneously lower newground's artistic standards and change NG users' expectations. now, there is a whole generation of new users who ONLY visit this site with the expectation of seeing videogame characters or something familiar, and everything else pretty much gets a zero. thats probably our main problem with this series.

So remember kiddies. Stop spam...Blam Mario. Don't make mario toonz no matter how tempting it is. Say no to Mario and Sonic and Zelda and Nintendo... Remember this is NewGrounds - Not MarioGrounds or Nintendoland. Mario Bad! Mario BAAAAAD! Oh yeah stay away from stolen sprites...If you want sprites make your own its fun! :P<p>%u2248%u2248%u2248</p>


2008-02-19 16:03:41 by lol1337a

Mana Rules!<p>%u2248%u2248%u2248</p>